Quicklinks allow you create custom links to an Existing page or Custom URL. They are a great way to highlight key links in your site or link to an external resource. Quicklinks can also be audience targeted to a cohort of users.

Note: the Quicklinks shown above are preloaded onto your site and can be hidden or deleted as required. The Quicklinks block can also be completely removed if you don't want it to appear on your dashboard. 

To manage your Quicklinks follow the steps below: 

1. On the Dashboard page of your site, click Customise this page

2. Below the Quicklinks you will now see a Manage quicklinks button, click Manage quicklinks.

Below outlines the settings in the Quicklinks Management Screen 

1) Creates a new quicklink.

2) Arrow moves a quicklink down in the displayed order. The Up arrow moves the quicklink up.

3) Cog shows the settings of an existing quicklink.

4) Eye deactivates / hides the quicklink. Clicking the button again activate the quicklink.

5) Trash can deletes the quicklink.

Creating a new Quicklink

1. Follow step 1 and 2 above

2. Click Create quicklink

3. Enter Quicklink text 

  • Note this is the name of the quicklink

4. Select an Icon from the dropdown menu

5. Select Links to

  • Existing page - pages available in Virtual Slate
  • Custom page - a custom URL 

6. If you wish to audience target the quicklinks to a Cohort of users, enter the name of the cohort 

7. If the Existing page is selected above, then you will have the option to select one of the following: 

  • My courses - links to a page that displays all the courses the user has access to in the LMS. The actual number is also displayed on the quicklink tile
  • Completed courses - links to a page that displays the completed courses for the user. The actual number is also displayed on the quicklink tile
  • Enrolled courses - links to a page that displays the enrolled courses for the user. The actual number is also displayed on the quicklink tile
  • Certificates - links to the certificate page that displays a complete list of certificates the user has earned  

8. If the Custom page is selected then you can enter a custom URL here

9. Target - select how you want the quicklink to open

  • Same window 
  • New window 

-Virtual Slate Version 3.0