Before you can complete the instructions below the following must be complete:

  1. The Zoom Meeting Plugin should be installed on your Moodle LMS (If not contact,
  2. Create a Zoom API Key and API Secret

Once you have your API Key and API Secret follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to Site Administration > Plugins > Plugins overview

2) Click Additional plugins 

Note: this will filter the list to only show custom installed plugins 

3) Find Zoom meeting and click Settings 

4) Copy your Zoom API Key and paste into the textbox

5) Copy your Zoom API Secret and paste into the textbox

6) Click Save Changes

Note: if the connection was successful you will see a message like the one below

Note: The Zoom Meeting plugin is a Community Plugin managed and supported by the developer. Lingel Learning does not support this plugin or take responsibility for any errors that might occur when using it.