In order to connect the Zoom Meeting plugin to your Moodle or Virtual Slate LMS you need to first create a Zoom API Key and API Secret. Follow the instruction below to set this up:

1) SIGN IN to Zoom

2) Once logged in you will see your profile, navigate to ADMIN > Advanced and click App Marketplace 

Note: a new window will open

3) On the App Marketplace page, click the Develop button and then click Build App 

Note: the Build App link appears in a drop-down menu

4) Under Choose your app type find JWT and click the Create button  

5) Complete the following required fields under Information and click the Continue button 

Basic Information 

App Name: 

Company Name:

Developer Contact Information 


Email Address: 

Note: when you configure the API Key and API Secret in Moodle the email address of the user entered here MUST be the logged in user creating the connection in order to successfully connect Zoom with the Zoom Meeting Moodle Plugin. 

6) Navigate to App Credentials and copy the API Key and API Secret 

Note: both will need to be copied from this page to the settings of the Zoom Meeting Plugin installed on your Moodle LMS

7) Once both have been copied, click the Continue button 

8) You will then be taken to Feature, click the Continue button  

9) You will then will be taken to Activation  

You are now complete. 

Note: You can come back here at any time and Deactivate your app

Note: The Zoom Meeting plugin is a Community Plugin managed and supported by the developer. Lingel Learning does not support this plugin or take responsibility for any errors that might occur when using it.