Custom Menu Links can be added to the Site Menu to navigate to specific resources. These links can be targeted to the entire LMS or a specific cohort of users. Please observe the following steps to create such links:

  1. Click Admin Dashboard in the Site Menu
  2. In the Theme Design section, click the Menu button
  3. This will direct you to the "Virtual Slate configuration settings" page, and place you under the Menu tab. Custom links can be defined in the large text fields under the section "Menu settings".
  4. The primary field is called "Default menu", where LMS-wide custom links can be defined and made available to all users. The format should follow: Menu text |Menu URL. For example, a custom link can be made for the Google Search page.
    • Menu text - This is the link text that will appear on your LMS menu Search Google
    • Menu URL - This is the hypertext link that it will navigate the user to 

    • When this has been saved, the generated custom link will appear as follows:

  5. There will also be secondary fields labelled "Menu for Cohort: Cohort Name" for cohort-specific custom links. These links will not be visible to users outside the cohort. There is a field for every available cohort. For example, in my instance, there are separate fields for Cohort 1 and Cohort 2.

  6. Each field can be be used to generate multiple custom links. This is done by making additional entries using the same format on subsequent lines. For example, multiple search pages can be made available LMS-wide.

    The generated links will look as follows: