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Sliders are rotating banners in Virtual Slate. The visibility of sliders is defined by clicking on Admin Dashboard and clicking on the "Slider" tile in the Theme Design section. This will take the admin to the "Virtual Slate configuration settings" page and under the "Slider" tab, where there are multiple settings, which are displayed and described in the image below.

When the number of Slide count is selected to be a certain number, that number of individual Slide settings are made available below the settings shown above. For example, in this case, the slide count is two. So, the following settings become available:

Each slide requires an image file to be uploaded and can be provided a URL, which is where a user would be redirected if they clicked on the slider image area.

Note: The changes from the settings are applied when the user clicks the "Save changes" button.

Version 1.0

You can add sliders to different pages on the website.

Following are the steps that will help you add a slider:

1. Click Admin Dashboard

2. Under Theme Design, click Slider

3. You can tick Use slider to display the slider. You can select where you want the slider to be displayed by selecting one of the options from the Slider show option drop down list. You can also specify the Number of slides you want to display.

Then, you can update the Slide title and Slide image. You have to do it for each of the slides separately.

4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

-Virtual Slate Version 1.0