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The theme colours of your Virtual Slate instance can be changed by clicking on Admin Dashboard and clicking on the "Color" tile in the Theme Design section. This will take the admin to the "Virtual Slate configuration settings" page and under the "Colour scheme" tab, where they have access to three settings. 

Colour scheme

The admin can select one from a selection of colour palettes and this palette will be applied across their Virtual Slate instance. Switching from "Virtual Slate" (default palette) to "Red Sun" would change the appearance as such:

Brand color for charts

This setting is used to set the colour of charts and graphs in Virtual Slate. The admin can move their mouse over the spectrum to explore colours; the top square on the right is the colour of the point the mouse is hovering on. Clicking on a point in the spectrum makes that colour the setting colour; the bottom square displays this selected colour. This also updates the value in the text field, called a hex code, which uniquely identifies a colour. The admin can also simply type a new hex code in the field to select a colour. 

For example, switching from #04D719 to #1F2F48 will change the colour of charts as such:

Preset file

This is a setting that can load highly customised branded colours (e.g. different colours for several different Virtual Slate elements) from a preset file. The admin will be provided this preset file after requesting from developers. When the file is uploaded, it overrides the first two settings. 

Note: The preset file has currently replaced multiple element-specific branded colours (shown in the original V 1.0 documentation).

After selecting each setting, the admin can hit "Save Changes" to apply them. If a preset file is not loaded, the first two settings are applied; otherwise, the preset file determines the colours across Virtual Slate. 

Version 1.0

Colors throughout your theme can be updated by following the instructions below: 

  1. Click Admin Dashboard
  2. Under Theme Design, click Colorbutton 

Click the colour wheel or enter a hex code to define a color

Primary and Secondary Colours

Course tiles

Header colour settings



Login page

3. Click Save Changes