Latest version

The appearance of the login page can be altered by clicking on Admin Dashboard and clicking on the "Login page" tile in the Theme Design section. This will take the admin to the "Virtual Slate configuration settings" page and under the "Login page" tab, where they have access to three settings. 

Background image

This optional setting is used to upload an image which is used as the background for the login page. The uploaded image shown in the screenshot above is displayed as such on the login page:

Login box opacity

This is a numerical setting for which a decimal value can be selected; 0.7 is the default value. The higher this value, the lower the transparency of the login box. For example, increasing the original value (0.7) to 1.0 eliminates the visibility of the section of the background image behind the login box:

Login form additional text

This is an optional setting where text entered will be displayed at the bottom of the login page. For example, "This text will display at the bottom of login page" will be shown as such:

Note: The changes from the settings are applied when the user clicks the "Save changes" button.

Version 1.0

The login page background image and colours of the login box background and button can be updated by following the instructions below:

  1. Click Admin Dashboard
  2. Under Theme Design, click Login Page button 

You can modify the following settings on the login page:

Login page background 

Login box background and opacity

Login box error message

3. Click Save Changes

-Virtual Slate Version 1.0