Moodle allows you to enter or edit grades directly in the Grader report. This is useful when you need to override a grade of a user. 

Follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to the course

2) Under Course administration, click Grades. (this will open the Grader report)

3) Find the user you wish to override, click the pen icon highlighted below

4) The Grade cells will change to show a entry field.

5) Find the activity you wish to update or the course total. 

6) Under the Override All / None column click the checkbox to select the row you wish to update

7) The Grade and Feedback cells will become editable 

8) Enter a Grade 

9) Click the Save button below the table

* Please note, subject to your cron schedule you may have to manually run a cron to see the grade update  http://domainname/admin/cron.php

-VS Version 1.0