Self enrolment is the method whereby users can choose to enrol themselves into a course, either immediately by clicking enrol me in this course or by typing in an Enrolment Key a user has been given when first creating an account. The enrolment plugin needs to be enabled by the site admin in Enrolment plugins and has to be enabled within the course. The manual enrolment plugin has to be enabled in the same course as well.

To turn on self-enrolment for a course, perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the course you want to turn on self enrolment for.

2. Click Enrol Users 

3. Under the Administration block, go to Course Administration > Users > Enrolment methods

4. Open the "eye" icon next to the Self enrolment (Student) method:

This will enable Self enrolment for the selected course.

-Virtual Slate Version 1.0