Administrators and managers can delete courses. A Course creator can delete courses they have created themselves.

To delete a course (as an administrator or manager):

1. Click Admin Dashboard

2. Under Course management, click Manage Categories & Courses

3. Under Course and category management, select the category you want to delete the course from. For example, here we selected the category Business Skills.

4. You will see a list of courses under the specified category, like we see for Business Skills below

5. Clickto delete the course. You will be redirected to a window as shown below:

6. Click Delete to permanently delete the course.

You can delete multiple courses by: 

  1. Creating a new (temporary) category. You can name it To be deleted
  2. Select and move all the courses you want to delete to that category (To be deleted). 
  3. Delete the category (To be deleted) and choose Delete ALL - Note: This cannot be undone

There is no user interface for course creators to delete courses they have created, however they can do so by editing the URL of the course from to (replacing 'view' with 'delete').

-Virtual Slate Version 1.0