Users can update their picture by editing their user profile in My profile settings > Edit profile. (The site administrator can disable this ability in Administration > Security > Site policies.)

The user's picture is usually displayed next to the user's name. For example, next to content they have has posted in a forum, or in a participant list.

There is a default image that is used by the Moodle site. Contact your Moodle administrator to change the default picture for your site.

Uploading user pictures in bulk

An administrator can upload a zip file containing user images in Administration > Users > Accounts > Upload user pictures.

  • The image files should be named after the username, the idnumber or the id of the student (along with the correct image file extension.) For example, a student with the username jbrown98 would have a picture called jbrown98.jpg 
  • Image types supported include gif, jpg, and png. 
  • Image file names are not case sensitive.

-Virtual Slate Version 1.0