The bulk user actions can be accessed by performing the following steps:

1. Click Admin Dashboard

2. Under User management, click Bulk user actions 

This enables administrators to select users by creating a filter and then perform any of the following actions:

  • Confirm user accounts created through Email-based self-registration which are not yet confirmed by the user 
  • Send a message (requires Messaging to be enabled) 
  • Delete user accounts 
  • Display a list of users on a page 
  • Download user data in text, ODS or Excel file format 
  • Force users to change their passwords 
  • Add users to a cohort

To perform a bulk user action

  1. Search for the user in the Available users box or create a create a filter to find them 
  2. Select in the Available box those users you require and move them to the Selected users box on the right by clicking the Add to selection button
  3. From the dropdown box With selected users, choose the action you wish to perform and then click Go.

-Virtual Slate Version 1.0